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There came a discussion in my house today. We were watching a YouTube video about a supposed Easter egg in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate (ACS), that my son says isn’t an Easter egg, because it comes up in the main storyline. Ever since I was a kid and watched my granddaddy go into secret levels in Super Mario Brothers, I have been the type of player that searches and wanders through new games. I love Easter eggs and all the hidden secrets I can find in a game. There are three types of gamers in my house. It turns out Gamasutra has a pretty cool explanation of this phenomenon.

While playing ACS this weekend, I drove my son crazy, because I took my time and explored all rooms and areas when I was playing. Thanks to my granddaddy, I’m a very slow and methodical player of every game that allows exploration. According to the four types in the Bartle test, I am an Explorer. This doesn’t surprise me at all. When looking at Gamasutra’s comparison to the Myers-Briggs personality test, it says I am a rational personality type who wants the satisfaction of understanding how things work. That sounds about right to me.

My daughter, on the other hand, is an Idealist/Socializer. She is more interested in people and the role-playing aspects of games than killing or exploring. Dungeons & Dragons leaves her more relaxed when her character has more opportunities to act and interact than when others are the main focus of a session.

My son is a Guardian/Acheiver. He is most interested in winning and accumulating wealth and power quickly. Which explains why my slow, methodical approach to gaming drives him crazy. He has the same problem when we play Minecraft together. I want to wander the world to find the best possible place to set up our home base, while he wants to set one up quickly.

What kind of gamer are you?

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Single mom who plays Assassin's Creed for the exploration more than the killing.
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