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Creating a Great 5e D&D Character: Part 1 Personality

Unlike video game RPG’s, tabletop RPG’s allow you to create your character in whatever order you want. If you’ve got a Player’s Handbook (PHB), you can read through the entire thing and create some pretty awesome characters. For most Dungeons … Continue reading

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Religions Became Popular to Promote Love

Sometimes other people’s words can express how you feel so much better than anything you can think of. So, this picture is my post for the day. Because this is the message I am hoping to instill in my kids. … Continue reading

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New Devices vs Tried and True

One question that’s been coming up a lot in my life lately is, “When is it really worth replacing your existing electronic device?”. My usual answer, “when the old one dies”. My daughter’s phone recently had a lot of problems, … Continue reading

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Playing Games Makes You Smarter

Who would have thought it? Oh wait, I did. According to an article¬†on Entrepreneur.com, there are a few hobbies that are¬†very beneficial toward the purpose of expanding your brain power. These are all things that people have known help your … Continue reading

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