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Fun Fact Friday: Spider-Man Teamed Up With Planned Parenthood

Spider-Man has always been one of my favorite comic series. I mean come on. He’s in love with MJ. Which is short for Mary Jane. Which is so much cooler than what my MJ stands for, but still. It turns … Continue reading

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How to Share Your Passions With Your Kids (In a Non-Pushy Way)

I have always hated the “Because I said so” method of parenting. Probably because my mom never really subscribed to it. If there was something she wanted me to do, she almost always gave me a reason. I may not … Continue reading

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The Purpose of Role Models

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in the media lately to name Taylor Swift as the “best” role model for kids to look up to. I find myself wondering, “Do they not know what a role model is supposed to be?”. … Continue reading

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I Want to Hear More Women on Country Radio

In looking into an irritating disparity I’ve noticed between Blake and Miranda songs since the split, I found out about something that really bothers me. A few months ago, an article came out in a prominent country radio magazine where … Continue reading

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