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Holiday Family Time

Out of respect for my kids and my family, I will be taking some time to celebrate with them and enjoy the holiday season. I have one post scheduled for Friday, then you won’t hear from me until January unless something … Continue reading

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One Less Minute of Not Living

I re-watched one of my favorite episodes of Gilmore Girls this weekend. This is a screenshot of one of the best scenes in any series I’ve ever seen, because in this scene, you as an audience member are reminded that you … Continue reading

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Creating a Good Goal

During my last post I talked about the importance of goals and how to set them. Today, I’d like to give an example using my latest goal. For me, goal setting is important because it gives me a focus for my … Continue reading

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Goal Setting is Important

When you’re trying to get your life on track after a major change (like divorce), one of the hardest things to accept is the future plans that you had are now changing. I remember crying every time a certain song … Continue reading

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