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Letting My Geek Flag Fly

When I first started dating, many moons ago, I used to try and change myself for each guy I went out with. I pretended to like heavy metal for a headbanger when I was a teenager. I spent over a … Continue reading

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Holiday Family Time

Out of respect for my kids and my family, I will be taking some time to celebrate with them and enjoy the holiday season. I have one post scheduled for Friday, then you won’t hear from me until January unless something … Continue reading

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They Need to Earn It

In searching for a quote for Motivation Monday, I came across this gem. I’m not sure if it was really Ginger Rogers who said it, but the words themselves speak to me. This is a phrase I have lived by … Continue reading

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One Less Minute of Not Living

I re-watched one of my favorite episodes of Gilmore Girls this weekend. This is a screenshot of one of the best scenes in any series I’ve ever seen, because in this scene, you as an audience member are reminded that you … Continue reading

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