Sometimes I Wonder if Bipolar Disorder Should Qualify me for the Carpool Lane

My boyfriend likes to joke about my 10 different personalities. Usually I just laugh it off, but some weeks it really feels true.

This was one of those weeks where I just could not find the personality I needed for what I need to do. I needed to work on a project for work, but could only focus on organizing a better dwarf fortress. Then when I sat down to play the game, I couldn’t get into it. All I wanted to do was clean up my email. Time to play D&D? Melissa isn’t here this week. Instead we have her look alike who can’t do much more than get the pizza ordered.

This blog post is the most organized my thoughts have been all week, and I’m writing this while high on Ambien. I wish I could ask one of my personalities to help me out with this.

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Single mom who plays Assassin's Creed for the exploration more than the killing.
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