Playing Games Makes You Smarter

Who would have thought it? Oh wait, I did. According to an article on, there are a few hobbies that are very beneficial toward the purpose of expanding your brain power. These are all things that people have known help your brain for years, but I always love reading about how video games make people smarter. What I don’t understand is why they limit it to video games in the info-graphic. All games make you smarter as long as they make you think.

Tonight, my family will be engaging in one of my favorite games: Dungeons & Dragons. Every Wednesday night we get together with many others at our local game store and we pretend to be members of strange races and cultures and we follow rules and role dice and decide the fate of our party members and creatures large and small. Last week, I was accidentally responsible for almost annihilating an entire race, and I’m a druid! Since we’ve been playing this game, my son’s math skills have improved exponentially. What he used to have to count on his fingers he can now often do in his head. It’s mostly simple math, but when you’re rolling twelve dice to determine whether you finally get to kill the creature that’s already bludgeoned half your group, suddenly math skills don’t seem so useless.

Monopoly was another game that made me infinitely smarter when I was a kid. I learned about strategizing and money management from a game that my granddaddy would play with me for hours. I know that without all the games I played I would not be nearly as smart as I am, and many of the hours I spent gaming were with board games, dominoes, and cards. Don’t limit your kids’ game time to video games, especially if you’re not into them. We do family game night on Wednesdays and play D&D, because we all love D&D.

Before we came to a group consensus, we tried out all different games on Wednesday nights, alternating family members who got to choose the game for the evening. I strongly suggest this for any families who want to spend more time together. My son always chose video games, my daughter picked board games, and I wavered usually trying to find something the kids would enjoy while improving their skills in other areas. It was a lot of fun.

Do you have a family game night?

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