They Need to Earn It


In searching for a quote for Motivation Monday, I came across this gem. I’m not sure if it was really Ginger Rogers who said it, but the words themselves speak to me. This is a phrase I have lived by when it comes to raising my kids, because I know for a fact from the way I treated things given to me versus things I earned that it’s true. I have taken much better care of the car I bought myself than all the cars before them that were given to me. My daughter has also proven it to me with her treatment of her phone.

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Fun Fact Friday: Spider-Man Teamed Up With Planned Parenthood

Spider-Man Planned Parenthood Facts Page

Spider-Man has always been one of my favorite comic series. I mean come on. He’s in love with MJ. Which is short for Mary Jane. Which is so much cooler than what my MJ stands for, but still. It turns out that Spider-Man has been even cooler for other reasons. Rant and love for Planned Parenthood ahead, if you want to turn back now.

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Religions Became Popular to Promote Love

Religion of Love

Sometimes other people’s words can express how you feel so much better than anything you can think of. So, this picture is my post for the day. Because this is the message I am hoping to instill in my kids. The power of religion is due to the power of people’s desire for love.

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One Less Minute of Not Living

Gilmore Girls Quote

I re-watched one of my favorite episodes of Gilmore Girls this weekend. This is a screenshot of one of the best scenes in any series I’ve ever seen, because in this scene, you as an audience member are reminded that you too could be in the shoes of those Logan is talking about when he says to Rory, “It’s your choice, Ace. People can live a hundred years without really living for a minute. You climb up here with me, it’s one less minute you haven’t lived.”

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Krysten Ritter Stars in New Marvel Series

I got an email from Netflix today about a new series based in Hell’s Kitchen. Jessica Jones, a new Marvel show is coming to Netflix on November 20th. This one starring Krysten Ritter. Ever since her sidekick role as the up-and-coming actress Lucy on Gilmore Girls, I have loved Krysten Ritter. She plays so many different roles: all very convincingly. There aren’t a lot of actors / actresses that I watch and forget the roles I “know” them in. She is one of those actresses.

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New Devices vs Tried and True

One question that’s been coming up a lot in my life lately is, “When is it really worth replacing your existing electronic device?”. My usual answer, “when the old one dies”. My daughter’s phone recently had a lot of problems, and we replaced it with a new model of a different type phone. The original model Droid MAXX was a great phone according to all the reviews. My mom has one that she can’t stop raving about. So, when the new Droid MAXX 2 came out the day after my daughter’s phone started having so many issues, I went ahead and let her get a new model phone.

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Humans in the Internet of Things

Human RobotI don’t know how many of you are aware of this system they are calling the “Internet of Things“, but I think it’s very interesting to consider the number of “things” that are interconnected with or without human interaction now that we have so many devices online all the time. The book that I’m working on for NaNoWriMo considers the result of humans becoming a piece of the constantly connected puzzle. To some extent, we currently are, but it turns out that Facebook may be bringing about some of my thoughts before I can even finish my book.

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Nifty Social Media Infographic

I’ve been studying up on the future of social media and neuro implants for the book I’m writing for NaNoWriMo. In the process I found this really nifty infographic on Bit Rebels about social media and how we use it.

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Playing Games Makes You Smarter

Who would have thought it? Oh wait, I did. According to an article on, there are a few hobbies that are very beneficial toward the purpose of expanding your brain power. These are all things that people have known help your brain for years, but I always love reading about how video games make people smarter. What I don’t understand is why they limit it to video games in the info-graphic. All games make you smarter as long as they make you think.

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Video Game Play Styles

There came a discussion in my house today. We were watching a YouTube video about a supposed Easter egg in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate (ACS), that my son says isn’t an Easter egg, because it comes up in the main storyline. Ever since I was a kid and watched my granddaddy go into secret levels in Super Mario Brothers, I have been the type of player that searches and wanders through new games. I love Easter eggs and all the hidden secrets I can find in a game. There are three types of gamers in my house. It turns out Gamasutra has a pretty cool explanation of this phenomenon.

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