New Devices vs Tried and True

One question that’s been coming up a lot in my life lately is, “When is it really worth replacing your existing electronic device?”. My usual answer, “when the old one dies”. My daughter’s phone recently had a lot of problems, and we replaced it with a new model of a different type phone. The original model Droid MAXX was a great phone according to all the reviews. My mom has one that she can’t stop raving about. So, when the new Droid MAXX 2 came out the day after my daughter’s phone started having so many issues, I went ahead and let her get a new model phone.

Prior to this, I have always been a proponent of tried and true. When I pick an electronic of any kind, I take my time reading reviews and never buy any model that’s been on the market less than six months. This is clearly not a popular stance by tech junkies like myself. However, to me, the frustration of bugs in new devices far outweighs the excitement of owning the latest and greatest thing.

My daughter’s phone being the example, despite all the glowing reviews of the first one, this one has a serious security issue that her Samsung didn’t. She had something corrupt on her SD card that she didn’t know about, because the Samsung blocked the malware while the Droid doesn’t have that capability, yet. So, she’s dealing with an annoying pop up on a regular basis and waiting on an update that will deliver her from this annoyance. In the meantime, just like all the brand new iPhone buyers, we can’t get rid of the phone, since it’s brand new and we can’t afford to replace it.

This issue of new vs tried-and-true is one of the many things my boyfriend and I disagree on. He’s all about the new and shiny devices that are all over the marketplace. And he wants to instill this thought process in my children. THAT I want to put a stop to. My daughter picking out a new model phone whose predecessor was touted by all reviewers, even the earliest ones, allowed me to agree to her picking out the latest model over a tried and true model.

On the other hand, I ordered our Xbox One the week after it came out. So, what makes me decide some things are worth buying when they first come onto market, and other times pick only items that have been on the market for a while? For me, it’s a matter of what those purchases provide. The Xbox One was the only way my son could play the newest Assassin’s Creed (Unity at the time) on Christmas day. Regardless of which phone I purchase, my Android phone will do the same things as other Android phones, as long as it has a decent camera, a long battery life, and a large enough screen that I can read web pages.

Which devices do you prefer? Latest and greatest or tried and true?

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