My Time Has Value

I have decided that my time deserves an hourly rate. When I decide whether or not to accept a job, my hourly rate is the determining factor. If I can’t make that amount, it isn’t worth my time. I’ve decided my free time should have an hourly rate as well. This rate may be a little lower, given that it is enjoyable things that I’m doing, but maybe this will help me determine whether something is worth doing or not. If I’m not willing to spend this hourly rate for an hour of doing whatever it is, then it’s probably not worth my time.

There are many things that are not enjoyable, that I will be outsourcing just as soon as I can afford to. Case in point, my yard work. I love my new house, and a huge part of the draw was the beautiful yard that came with it. What I did not count on was all the yard work that came with it. I knew I would have to mow the lawn and trim the bushes and stuff, but there are a ton of little things that I didn’t count on. Also, keeping that yard as green as it is has been racking up quite the water bill. I finally turned off the sprinkler system about a week ago when I realized Mother Nature has been doing just fine at watering my lawn.

My number two goal on the outsourcing list is deep housecleaning. I don’t mind so much the sweeping and occasional mopping up of spills and messes, but the house needs a once a month deep down clean, and I’m just not that into it. So, that will be outsourced given the funds to do so. Financially, I cannot afford to outsource these projects yet, and so I burn through quite a lot of my time weekly doing things I hate to do, but I have a goal, and I will get there eventually.

In the meantime, I think this new hourly wage will help me tone down my extra-curricular activities to things I really like doing.

How do you determine if something is worth your time?

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