Krysten Ritter Stars in New Marvel Series

I got an email from Netflix today about a new series based in Hell’s Kitchen. Jessica Jones, a new Marvel show is coming to Netflix on November 20th. This one starring Krysten Ritter. Ever since her sidekick role as the up-and-coming actress Lucy on Gilmore Girls, I have loved Krysten Ritter. She plays so many different roles: all very convincingly. There aren’t a lot of actors / actresses that I watch and forget the roles I “know” them in. She is one of those actresses.

I’ve watched her in Don’t Trust the B**** in Apartment 23, 27 Dresses, and Veronica Mars, and in each role I forgot all about Lucy while she played these other characters. In the following preview for Jessica Jones, as soon as I figured out it was her, I once again was able to forget all about Lucy and saw her as Jessica Jones. These are my favorite kinds of actors: the ones that you can forget all their previous roles, because they become the new character they are playing.

These actors are also never the actor when they’re on screen. Samuel L Jackson is always Samuel L Jackson, whether he’s playing Nick Fury or about to be eaten by a shark on Deep Blue Sea. Kiefer Sutherland, on the other hand, despite being a household name, is capable of playing a character you love (Martin Bohm in Touch) and a character that gives you nightmares (Robert Doob in Eye for an Eye) where you forget all about the fact that it’s Kiefer shortly after the show/movie begins. For me, Krysten Ritter has squarely landed on the Kiefer side of the spectrum and has made this a sure fire show I will watch at least one season of.

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