I Want to Hear More Women on Country Radio

In looking into an irritating disparity I’ve noticed between Blake and Miranda songs since the split, I found out about something that really bothers me. A few months ago, an article came out in a prominent country radio magazine where a numbers guy told radio stations that their primarily female audience would rather listen to men than women. Well, I want to hear more women, not less.

I’m female. I listen to country music. No one asked me what I prefer. While I do love to sit down and listen to Luke Bryan, strong female artists got me through some of the toughest times in my life. My best friend moved over two hundred miles away when I was a teenager. Every day and night, I listened to “How Can I Help You Say Goodbye” by Patty Loveless. After my first devastating break up when I caught my boyfriend cheating on me, Lorrie Morgan was there for me with “I Guess You Had To Be There“. When my ex-husband threw me across our bedroom, I had Miranda, MartinaReba, Sara Evans, and a dozen others to reassure me that leaving was the right thing to do and I could get through it. Without these women, many of my hardest life choices would have been a lot harder.

I want women like these for my daughter. When she’s being picked on in school, she has Kacey Musgraves and Taylor Swift to tell her it will be ok. When she goes through a particularly nasty breakup of her own, she’ll have Cassadee Pope to tell her he’s not worth all her tears. We need more of these Superwomen on our radio, not less. I don’t care that the twenty-somethings who post on Twitter and Facebook say they only want to hear the guys. The moms paying for the minivans being advertised on your stations may have a different opinion. So, don’t pretend to speak for all of us when you’re only listening to a few.

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