Halloween Fun For Families with Teenagers

Halloween is tomorrow, and we have a full day planned for our little family of three. When your kids get to a certain age, it can be hard to find things that interest them on Halloween. It’s no longer fun for them to go door to door and enjoy free candy from the neighbors, and making them sit at home and hand out candy to other kids just seems mean to me.

When I was a teenager, my mom would always throw a Halloween party for me and my friends. My mother was so much better with having a bunch of random kids ransacking her house than I am. Activities outside the house are more my style, but my kids are too young for bar hopping and too old for trick or treating. In Houston, there are many types of Halloween events that kids are welcome to attend. The hard part is deciding which ones are worth your time and/or money. So, here’s a short list of ideas I came up with.

Monster Mashes and Vampire Balls

Dozens of Halloween dances are going on around this town, many at churches and schools with no cost at the door. There are going to be a lot of people at these events, and they are often crowded and loud. For those who enjoy parties and dances, these are great events.

Haunted Hikes and Zombie Runs

If outdoor activities are more your family’s style, these can provide loads of entertainment. The zombie runs usually have a category for zombies and another for humans, so you don’t necessarily have to run with the makeup on.

Museums with Halloween Activities or Themes

Our local children’s museum has turned into “Monsters’ Museum” for Halloween this year. Also, there are death themed museums open year-round as well. Houston is home to the National Museum of Funeral History, New Orleans and Los Angeles have museums of death, and Connecticut has a museum of the occult.

Haunted Houses and Theme Parks

If you and your kids enjoy jump scares and creepy soundtracks, almost every town has at least one haunted house or fun house to enjoy this time of year. Theme parks also often turn into haunted houses at this time of year. For example, the popular Six Flags theme parks have Fright Fests from October 3 – November 1 this year. One of our destinations is a theme park this year.

For us, a trip to the Texas Renaissance Festival’s All Hallows Eve party followed by a trip to our local game store are enough fun and excitement. We’ll be getting dressed up for ren fest and probably wearing our costumes to the game store for some Halloween-themed games, like a converted game of Six Feet Under to D&D 5th Edition.

What are your Halloween plans?

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