Extra Life Plans

I am a big time gamer. I’ve loved games of all kinds, thanks to my Granddaddy. We would spend hours every summer playing all kinds of games. From board games to video games to card games. There wasn’t a game around that he didn’t love and love to teach me. I even got into golf a little bit when it meant spending more time with him. These days, the only game I play with any regularity is our weekly Dungeons and Dragons game with my kids at the local game store. Once a week, my kids, myself, and several other adults all get together and play pretend with dice and stories and little mini figurines. I love it.

This year, my kids and I are participating in Extra Life. It’s this really cool 24 hour gaming marathon, where instead of running / walking miles or sitting around answering phones, you play games. You set up a website through Extra Life and send it out to everyone you know. Then, at 8:00 am on November 7, you start gaming. People pledge x dollars per hour, and you play for 24 hours, or until you can’t play anymore. This year, the kids and I are hoping to play D&D for Extra Life. One 24-hour long D&D marathon sounds like so much fun to us. We’re really hoping we can get a large enough group together and someone who will DM for us.

What are your Extra Life plans? Had you ever heard of Extra Life before?

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