Creating a Great 5e D&D Character: Part 1 Personality

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Unlike video game RPG’s, tabletop RPG’s allow you to create your character in whatever order you want. If you’ve got a Player’s Handbook (PHB), you can read through the entire thing and create some pretty awesome characters. For most Dungeons and Dragons fans, that’s more than enough for them. For some of us, these characters don’t quite fit our idea for the character we want to create. What many players (especially new ones) don’t realize is that D&D actually gives you rules for creating almost any kind of character you want. Read on to find out how I created a wood elf with a fear of humans.

I had decided that I wanted to create a wood elf druid that, like most druids, loved all living creatures. But instead of a blind love of all living creatures, I wanted her to have an inherent distrust of one group (humans). It only makes sense to me that a true druid would be distrustful of a race that does more damage and harm to nature than it does protecting and caring for it. In D&D, though, to create something like this you must be able to explain it to your dungeon master (DM) in the form of a backstory.

 What kind of character do you want to play?

Remember that D&D is a roleplaying game. While you are playing, if you stick to your character’s likely behavior pattern and actually roleplay your character well, many times your DM will give you a bonus in the form of an inspiration point. These are awesome, because they give you advantage on any attack roll, saving throw, or ability check that you choose. They also allow you to give inspiration to another player if they do something you like.

In order to create a character that you want to play, your character needs a backstory that coincides with the behavior you want to act out. So, in order to play a wood elf druid that’s mean to all humans, I needed a backstory for my druid that made her distrustful of humans. So, my wood elf druid was raised in the forest that was burned down by a group of humans that were looking to expand their city. My druid escaped the fire, but her family did not. After her escape, she looked into the reason for the fire, and discovered the human involvement. She took that information to the human authorities and found out that they would do nothing to help her get justice for her family’s deaths. Therefore, to her, humans had no morality and she is now distrustful of all humans until she learns if they have a moral sense of their own.

What kind of character do you want to play?

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