Hello. My name is Melissa J Sims, but you can call me M J. I am an author of novels as yet unpublished. Mine is fiction of many colors, because I have so many genres that I have written for, that I no longer fit in a box. The only thing my books have in common are strong female leads. The main characters in all of my books are women that I can look up to, at least by the end of the book.

My blog will focus on my life and things I think the world should know. It’s all about being a geek and a single parent. My definition of a single parent may not fit many people’s, and my journey as a single parent has been a whole lot easier than many thanks to the loving support of my mom, dad, and boyfriend. Add to that how awesome my kids are, and I’ve got it pretty easy in the single parent department.

I have many titles and many goals. I am a mom, an office manager, an unpublished novelist, and a jewelry maker. I want to be an author, business woman, computer programmer, jeweler, and the Best. Mom. Ever. My most important title is mom.

I grew up on country music with the strongest woman I know to call Mom. Mine was what many call a “broken home”, but it felt more whole than many of my friends’. I may have had only one parent, but my mom made up for the lack of a dad in a million different ways. When my kids grow up, I hope they can say the same thing about me. I love comic book superheroes for so many things, but my mom is my real life superhero.